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Have you considerd That the DJ is probably the most important decision that you will make for your event? Think about it. Walk through the halls of a major hotel sometime when there are several events going on. We do, and heres what we see. If the DJ is good, the dance floor is full and guests are having a great time. If the DJ is bad, guests are milling about in the halls, or worse, heading for the door! Forget the food, the flowers, the cake, etc...its the DJ that makes or breaks the party!

WHAT DO YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS REMEMBER most about weddings or any functions that you go to? How great the food was? The amazing color of purple in the flowers? The incredible cake? Those are parts of the day, but what everyone is left talking about for months (years?) to come is the dancing, the music, the fun you had!!!

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH, its simple fact. Trust us, after ten-plus years in this business, we know. Yet heres what never ceases to amaze us. Statistics say that the average Indian wedding & wedding reception in the Chicago area runs somewhere in the $15,000-$25,000 range, start-to-finish. Still, every day, we get brides calling (grooms, usually) trying to cut corners and save money on their DJ. Does it make sense to host a $25,000 party and save $100 on the DJ...the guy (or girl) who holds the success or failure or your wedding reception in the balance? Think about it!!!

SAVE MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE That's what we tell friends and family members who are planning Functions. No one will notice $100 saved on flowers, for instance. On the other hand, no one will forget the bad DJ that saved you $100. Youll be reliving that story for the rest of your life. Almost every wedding DJ horror story starts off with, ...well, we saved a little money and hired XYZ DJs...